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The Best Foods You Must Try In Arizona!

There’s more to Arizona than Grand Canyon. This is the ultimate destination for travelers, but if you are a foodie, you will be surprised with the options. Arizona has some really good eateries, diners, and restaurants, and these extend beyond Phoenix. If you are confused about what to try here, we have a list that may come in handy when you explore the best restaurants in Peoria AZ.

  • Angry Crab Shack is one of the most authentic restaurants in Arizona for exploring seafood. They have many outlets, including in Peoria and Phoenix. Seafood is all about exploring more spices and options, so open your mouth and heart to scallops, shrimps, lobsters, crabs and more. The good part is most restaurants in AZ will be more than happy to assist with spice tolerance, and don’t forget to try Cajun spice.

  • You cannot miss Chimichangas if you are in the Tex-Mex region. This is basically a burrito that has been deep fried, and the fillings can vary, from dried meat, cheese, rice, and beans to even marinated chicken. Most restaurants serve it on the sides, and this is a crispy thing to have on the go.
  • Cheese crisps. No matter whether you are on the keto diet, or simply love cheese, you need to try Cheese crisps in AZ. This is not like your standard quesadilla, and many restaurants have their own variety and take on the recipe.
  • You cannot miss BBQ food in Arizona. From seafood and steaks to beef, chicken classic items, there is something for every BBQ lover in this state. We promise you can walk around and find a restaurant that serves BBQ sandwiches and other food options, almost in any part of Arizona.
  • Posole. If local flavors are what you seek, you should definitely take some time off to find Posole, which is a delicious soup loved by people here. It includes pork in the conventional recipe, but expectedly, there are a bunch of options here in meats. The soup has incredible flavors and can be further spiced to your liking.

Our list would be incomplete without mentioning Chilaquiles, which remains a hot favorite in many restaurants and is usually served as a full meal for breakfast. Popular restaurants in AZ, like Angry Crab Shack, have many outlets that you can check, and don’t forget to keep an eye on their daily specials, which can be different for lunch and dinner.

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