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Quiz Night – Name 5 Things That’ll Make Your Tongue Want to Dance

An intriguing title, for some intriguing ‘things’ that will make your tongue want to do a dance, not all are completely literal though. And, rather than seeing a ‘dancing tongue’, you’re probably more likely to see a face of enjoyment, dislike or, confusion as your taste buds isn’t quite sure what to make of what they are currently encountering. When it comes to food, for example, some flavours are made for some people, whereas, others may as well be allergic considering the reformation of their facial expression when trying one;

A French kiss

It would be wrong to have such a title and not reference something a little controversial, either way, most people have been there. The taste you encounter when going for an intimate kiss can determine pretty quickly what kind of dance your tongue does, and your feet!

Bad breath, for example, the taste of cigarettes could make you break out into a quick, double back step, back to where you came from or, if there is a pleasant smell and an enticing taste, then the foxtrot might be adopted pretty quickly!

Craft Beer

Craft beers are a perfect example of something that could affect your taste buds in various ways, at one time craft beer was an acquired taste, now that doesn’t actually indicate that it tastes good. It just means that it’s more palatable for those that like the ‘acquired’ taste.

These days you can get almost any flavour you want for some people, they already know what they like, others will be experimenting, imaging trying chocolate beer! Some people will already be pulling a face just thinking about it and then there are those that will be licking their lips.

Sour sweets

The great thing is that sour sweets come in many different varieties so you don’t have to try the full-on mind-blowing type, unless you’re the type that will try anything once. There are some jellies that are really addictive, they contain both a sweet taste and very subtle taste of sourness.

So, even if you don’t like sour tastes, you’ll find yourself delving into the bag for more, purely so that you can try and figure out if you like (eating the whole bag), or not. On the other end of the spectrum, you could try an Atomic Fireball which has nothing sweet about it, the ultimate sour of sours that can bring a grown man to his knees.

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