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Different Foods and Culture of Twin Cities that Amaze People

Minneapolis – Saint Paul are Twin Cities of Minnesota. Minneapolis is the biggest twin City among the two. These Twin Cities are considered to have the finest local food. Minneapolis has the third-biggest economic hub after Chicago and Detroit. Many international companies have also set their US office in Minneapolis. This makes it the busiest city as tough competition rides the entire city.

Tourism is also another factor for the rise of economy in Twin City. It might not be the only factor as most people don’t know about its quality and fanciful life well enough. Minnesota is well-known for its delicious cuisine. Rice, hazelnut, strawberry, blueberry, etc. are some of its staple food.

Minneapolis has some best restaurants that also provide free home delivery. If you are visiting the Twin City you should try best restaurants near Minneapolis and enjoy their culture. Harriet’s Inn is one of the best restaurants located in South Minneapolis. They provide 60 options of lunch and dinner along with 28 varieties of beer and 26 kinds of wine. You can quickly grab a taco with friends, or relax with family for lunch and dinner. They also provide free home delivery as they are collaborated with Bite Squad.

As a tourist, I will suggest you to definitely try these Minnesotan foods mentioned below –

  • Try bars of cookies and brownies which are in the shape of a square and firm cake. They are baked in oven and cooked in pan and then sliced in squares to serve on special occasions.
  • Booya is a stew which is a meal for a huge family. Anything could be mixed to prepare stew-like meat or oxtail with corn, cabbage, carrots and tomatoes. For 33 years, every year in St. Paul during fall, World Championship Booya cook-off contest is organized.
  • Cheese curds are made from soured milk which is deep-fried. When you taste, it seems like Mozzarella stick bites, but Minnesotans use different types of cheese.
  • Due to the frozen weather, hot dish is quite famous among locals. The base of this dish is prepared from green beans, beef, mushroom soup cream, and corn to give it a solid base and then it is garnished with cheese or tater tots.
  • Jell O Salad for Minnesotans is a mixture of fruits in white dressing. This white dressing can be cheese, cottage cheese, mayonnaise or marshmallows.
  • Juicy Lucy is a hamburger with cheese, but there is slight twist which Twin Cities have added to it. They add melted cheese inside the burger while cooking so that the burger stays juicy all time.
  • Lefse is a Norwegian flatbread which is a mixture of flour, milk, cream or butter and potatoes that is baked on griddle. There is a Lefse fest which is organized every year in Minnesota.
  • Lutefisk which is also famous as lye fish is combination of lye and air-dried whitefish. It is served with sides like green peas, bacon, lefse, butter, potatoes, etc.

  • Walleye is a Minnesotan fish that is found only in freshwater lakes when the weather is dark or windy. This fish is served in any form from roast to boiled, but not without tartar sauce as well as lemon.
  • Wild rice is one of the staple foods of Minnesotans which is black rice. It is basically, water grass seed that is found in cold river and lakes.

You must be amazed with different types of unique food available in the Twin Cities. When you visit the place, do remember to try them out to know their unique culture.

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