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Craving For Asian Food In Arlington? Try These Authentic Dishes!

In the last two decades, the popularity of Asian food has exploded. In almost every city in the US, you are likely to find a restaurant, including fine-dining options, that offers Asian food. For the uninitiated, Asian food is a mix of many cuisines. The palette is different in each of the South Asian countries, and flavors can vary. What’s common is the fondness for rice, so you have a bunch of options made from rice alone. If you are craving for Asian food in Arlington, WA and want to try some of the best recipes and dishes, here’s a list for your help!

  • BBQ Chicken or duck. BBQ Chicken, meat and duck recipes in parts of Asia can be different than what you probably find in the US. Mostly reliant on a bunch of sauces beyond the standard BBQ one, the flavors simply explode in the mouth. Also, in many restaurants in Arlington, BBQ duck is served with steamed rice, for that perfect platter.
  • Kung Pao Chicken. Made from chicken breast, Kung Pao Chicken is a classic from Chinese cuisine. It is a stir-fry recipe that includes lots of colored bell peppers, zucchini, and often peanuts. Can be served with steamed rice, but the star ingredient is the special sauce used for frying.
  • Sweet & Sour Pork. If you don’t have a palette for spicy food, consider trying the Sweet & Sour Pork, which typically has a nice sauce. The standard dish includes bell peppers, onion, and often pineapple, and is served with steamed rice on the side. The pork gets an incredible flavor from the sauce used.

  • Prawn Tempura. For those in fond of starters, Tempura is a Japanese recipe that is made from meats, prawns, or even fish. Tempura is a kind of batter, in which prawns are dipped and then deep fried. Not high on spices, this goes perfectly well as a starter, and many restaurants do serve a special sauce.
  • Sushi. Asian food is incomplete without sushi. Many chefs in Japan spend years in mastering the art of making sushi, which is now a staple in many restaurants in the US. Try the maki sushi, which tops the list for many foodies, and in Arlington, you will find authentic Asian restaurants that serve sushi of different kinds.

If you wish to try more flavors, ask for a perfect fried rice with chicken, prawns and veggies.

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