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Corrugated Packaging Is Ideal for Shipping Fresh Food Products 

The time for having a debate on the sustainable alternative method has vanished and it is now moment to act. Let’s find the connection between recyclable paper packaging in the food industry. How did paper cardboard boxes get involved in the foods and vegetables getting from the farm onto your dinner table? Are there some good reasons?

The first reason – Corrugated paper sheet is the ideal packaging material

In the 19th century, cardboard boxes were used to give firmness to the long hats then later on the lightweight cartons got introduced with characteristics of handling the rough railroad journey. Around the 1920s, corrugated boxes outdid the wooden crates and became the preferred shipping container.

The good reasons were, it was light, strong, inexpensive and easy to handle. Today, half of the corrugated boxes designed in America every year are used to deliver the product from fields and farms to stands and stores.

The second reason – Corrugated paper packaging keeps the food fresh

Corrugated is ideal to ship fruits and veggies in top condition. The manufacturing of corrugated material involves high temperatures. It reaches 180°F to 200°F three times, during the shaping and bonding of the layers of corrugated cardboard sheets. This ensures that all the bacteria and microbes get killed. The major concern before conception and creation of the ideal box format for retailers to put fresh food is microbiological contamination.

It means that the ripened fruits and vegetables reach onto your plate farm-fresh, in spite, they are shipped from long distances. Corrugated boxes can be recycled between uses, so the cross-contamination risk virtually vanishes.

According to a study, the reusable plastic containers even though they are cleaned regularly leave bacteria in the crate’s crevices and cracks, which increases the risk of microbial contamination.

The third reason – Corrugated material is great for shaping and designing

Corrugated packaging paper can be shaped and structured into a variety of configurations with efficiency. In the logistic niche, the majority of shipping containers have shapes that prevent stacking with maximum efficiency. On the other hand, cardboard can conform to any shape without any loss of their tensile strength.

Corrugated cartons are not weak but lighter than other kinds of shipping materials. It takes less fossil fuel and few trucks to ship the same amount of fresh farm-food.

At the destination, the cardboard boxes can get folded down to save space and recycled, thus reducing waste. Bold graphic prints are possible on the cardboard cartons, a great opportunity for building brand awareness at the fruit and vegetable stands or grocery stores, where they get turned into display cases.

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