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Check Out These 4 Frozen Snacks That Are Ideal For Weekend Parties!

After a long and tiring week, you hardly have the time to prep for an in-house party. Let’s also admit that cooking at home, especially for a long list of guests, can be cumbersome. Most people like to order the main course, but when it comes to snacks, you can actually save money and serve more variety with frozen options. Frozen snacks are ready to eat, and most brands have a wide number of items that you can consider. Here are the five best ones we recommend.

French Fries

Regardless of expert tips and cooking hacks, making French Frice at home can be a boring affair. Ready French Fries can be cooked immediately, in just less than five minutes. You don’t even need to thaw the frozen foods. The good news is French Fries can be used for making other recipes as well, such as fries and cheese, casseroles and pies. Not to forget, you can add seasonings as required to make your own variant.


Nuggets are available in both veg and non-veg variants, and these can be cheesy or regular. Veg nuggets can be served with a whole range of dips and sauces, which make them versatile as a snack. You can also add nuggets with French Fries along with chopped onions and cucumber to make a nice bowl of goodness. Nuggets are also made in the same way as other frozen foods, and you can choose to bake them too.


A potato smiley is made of mashed potatoes and designed to look like a smiley, which can brighten one’s day. If you want to try something unique for the kids and don’t want to go for French Fries alone, this could be a good option. The shape and look of these ready smileys can be enticing, especially if you include them in a platter of mixed fries.

Burger patty

Yes, you can buy frozen patties, which can be fried and baked to make your own burger at home. Burger patties can come in diverse varieties, and even the basic ones made with potatoes are worth enjoying. For a quick recipe, take a few frozen patties in a casserole dish, add minced meat and other ingredients of your choice, add some cheese on this stack of deliciousness, and then set to bake! You have another ready-to-fry snack that will be anything but boring!

Check online for the best frozen snack brands and make your weekend worth the wait!

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