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BBQs 2U – Kamado Joe Big Joe III – Unleash The Flavour

BBQs 2U is a leading supplier of top-quality grills in the UK [Abersoch]. And when it comes to Kamado-style grills, the Kamado Joe Big Joe III tops the list!

If you are looking for a grill that blends innovative and performance, go for the Kamado Joe Big Joe 3This remarkable 24″ ceramic grill is designed to provide a great grilling experience for outdoor cooking enthusiasts.

Here is why the Kamado Joe Big Joe III is a must-have:

Flexible cooking system

The 3-tier Divide & Conquer cooking system allows you to cook different foods simultaneously at varying temperatures. You can place grates at different heights within the grill, creating separate cooking zones.

Each tier creates a heat zone, such as the lower tier, which provides intense direct heat for searing.

The middle tier offers moderate heat for baking or roasting, while the upper tier offers indirect heat for smoking or slow cooking.

This allows you to control precise temperature by placing food where it best suits the cooking method. You can even add extra accessories or grates to enhance your cooking capacity.

With separate tiers, you can layer flavors without cross-contamination. For example, as meat cooks, the juices drip onto other food, infusing them with deliciousness.

Place herbs or wood chins on different tiers for layered smokiness. The grates are removable, so cleanup is easy.

SloRoller Hyperbolic Insert

The Sloroller hyperbolic insert transforms the grill into a smoker. Its design creates a cyclonic airflow, ensuring even heat distribution and smoke circulation. As a result, the meat stays juicy and has intensified flavors.

Kontol Tower Top Vent

The Kontrol Tower Top Vent helps to precisely control the airflow during cooking. You regulate the temperature and prevent flare-ups by adjusting the top vent based on whether you are smoking, searing, or baking.

However, you will have to set the bottom vent in the desired position as it controls the overall airflow.

For high-temperature searing, open the top vent wide. For perfect baking or roasting, open the top vent partially.

For low and slow smoking, the top vent is nearly closed. You will have to practice and observe because the weather also plays a part.

Air Lift Hinge

The Air Lift Hinge reveals Kamado Joe’s commitment to user-friendly design. Traditional Kamado grills have ceramic domes, which require significant strength to lift. But the Air Lift Hinge makes opening and closing the grill weightless.

It ensures controlled movement, preventing sudden drops or accidental slams. Whether you are checking on food or adding charcoal, the robust hinge simplifies the process.

Other features

  • Stainless steel charcoal basket allows cleaning with ease.
  • Double-thick wire mesh fiberglass gasket for an air-tight seal to lock heat and flavors.
  • Built-in thermometer for precise temperature monitoring.
  • Folding aluminum side shelves – convenient prep area.
  • Grill gripper and ash tool for hassle-free grilling

If you still need clarification, ask the friendly staff at BBQs 2U. With their expertise and Big Joe’s innovative design, you will be grilling like a pro in no time.

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