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A culmination of various cultures

Vietnam is one of the countries with the most attractive cuisine cultures in the world because of its tasty and healthy food, which isn’t heavy on your pocket as well. Vietnamese people are extremely open and welcoming of new ideas. As the Vietnamese emigrate and migrate out of Vietnam and expatriates re-visit the homeland,

Vietnamese food continues to evolve with new ingredients and techniques of preparation. Vietnam’s cuisine is influenced by several sources, including those from China, France, and their own native recipes with local ingredients and spices. The Chinese, Cambodian, and French influences, among others, have contributed to making Vietnamese cooking one of the most subtle and refined cuisines in the world Moreover, the tropical country is very rich in different kinds of ingredients; be it meat, vegetables, or spices, the influence of which is clearly visible in their cuisine.

All the dishes are well balanced

Using fresh herbs is one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to make a dish from basic to brilliant. Fresh herbs together with other fresh vegetables are added to Vietnamese dishes or are eaten directly with fish sauces and in-house dips. It is really cool and makes the Vietnamese cuisines different from other countries.

Herbs are also served fresh, individually, so you can add as much or as little as you like – a “choose your own adventure” reinvention of every mouthful. They are aromatic, colorful, they make every dish fun. The scrumptious taste of Vietnamese food paired along with fish a sauce, dipping sauces, and a variety of fresh herbs is truly intriguing to most people, and once devoured, it becomes a memory that they cherish forever. It’s an amazingly complex flavored cuisine and involves a lot of tricks and techniques but isn’t very difficult to prepare. The food is balanced, nutritious, economical, and tasty and doesn’t require a lot of time to be prepared. It is an excellent replacement for run-of-the-mill western breakfast options like bread and cereals which aren’t healthy at all.

Food packed with healthy goodness

Vietnamese food is not only tasty but also very good for your health. Vietnamese dishes are gluten-free, really low in fat, and jam-packed with a lot of healthy and necessary minerals and vitamins, which are perfect for human beings to boost the immune system, lose extra weight, and provide the body with energy that it needs.

Vietnamese cuisine encompasses the foods and beverages of Vietnam and features a combination of five fundamental tastes in the overall meal. The cuisine is quite varied, with a lot of categories and sub-categories. It can go from basic things like Chao which is Vietnamese rice porridge to fairly adventurous things like rats, cobras, dogs, and a wide variety of snails. Vietnamese eateries and restaurants have proliferated dramatically in the past two to three years.  Hanoi Hannah is controlled by business visionaries who live off their energy for food, utilizing passed-on plans and traditional cooking procedures.

When craving authentic Vietnamese food or a good Vietnamese takeaway at Windsor, try out Hanoi Hannah. The restaurant is lowly lit and has a distinct Vietnamese vibe but without the tacky-themed restaurant appearance that most places have. Visit their website for more information.

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