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5 Herbs and Spices You Should Use in Tea Blends

Tea drinkers often want more out of the kind of tea they are drinking, especially if they buy ready-made tea blends from places such as the grocery. Tea blends sold in the grocery usually lack any meaningful aroma or flavor to warrant a unique tea drinking experience.

Drinking tea is a very relaxing activity and, if paired with the proper tea, can be something extremely memorable and exciting. Teas are usually sold in packs, and the grocery doesn’t offer this unique trait, but this can be readily remedied by making your tea blends from pure herbs.

Making your unique tea blends from different herbs and spices is a highly satisfying experience. It allows you to find new ways to drink tea and create something you enjoy having. Herbal tea blends are delicious as they are tasty and very healthy because of the ingredients, which are natural herbs, flowers, and roots.

Making your herbal tea blends might be complex, but we have here several herbs and spices you can use to make your tea blend and their health benefits.


One of the most common ingredients in many herbal tea drinks is chamomile. Chamomile is one of the favored tea ingredients because of its relaxing and calming effect. Chamomile’s naturally sweet flavor allows it to be easily paired with other ingredients without worrying about its flavors clashing too much.

An additional benefit of drinking chamomile is that it helps with sleeping as it makes it easier to fall and stay asleep. Besides as a sleep aid, chamomile is beneficial in alleviating inflammations and diarrhea.


Peppermint is another popular herb to mix in tea because of its ability to add a cool and refreshing taste to the drink. Aside from this unique cooling effect, peppermint also contributes to a more refreshing aroma and helps relieve nausea and digestive problems.


A popular spice not only used in cooking and desserts, cinnamon is also something you can add to your tea blend if you want an extra kick to the drink. Drinks that have cinnamon in them benefit by helping regulate the drinker’s blood sugar level. The spice is an effective tool for lowering blood sugar levels while also helping treat diabetes, which makes it a popular choice for tea drinkers who have the condition.


Sage is a popular spice commonly used for its healing properties throughout time. Adding sage to a tea drink allows you the benefit of improved brain functions and memory. Sage is also a perfect choice for tea drinkers with Alzheimer’s as it helps with the condition.


Ginger is a robust tea ingredient like peppermint because of its unique spicy taste. Adding ginger into your tea blend might be difficult as not everyone is a fan of the flavor, but it is helpful because of the benefits that come with it.

Ginger is mainly known for its antioxidant properties and its ability to help against inflammation. This soothing effect makes ginger a popular choice because of its effectiveness.

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