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5 Beginner Cooking Tips For New Chefs 

Congratulations on getting into the world of cooking! Whether you have a gorgeous open kitchen with a gas stove, or you’re working with nothing but a small burner, cooking can be a joy if you know the right tips. Not only can it be fun, but it can also be delicious. Here are some of the best pointers for beginner chefs to get started. 

Read Through The Recipe Before You Start Cooking 

We get it— you’re excited to start cooking your meal!  Be that as it may, you shouldn’t rush into cooking without reading your recipe through first.  You never know what can come up in the middle of a recipe, so it’s best to read it before you get started.  That way, you ensure you have everything you need. You may miss a step or an important ingredient that could result in an epic cooking fail. A little preparation goes a long way when it comes to successful cooking. Read a recipe before you start cooking and you’ll be better prepared,  resulting in a better dish. It’s really that simple. 

Clean as You Go 

A lot of new cooks are tornadoes in the kitchen. In a matter of seconds, they have plates and ingredients flying everywhere which can lead to a huge mess. Rather than letting it pile up, it’s better to clean as you go.  Not only is it more sanitary when you’re preparing your foods, but it will create much less work for you in the end. It feels like less work when you clean a little at a time rather than cleaning a monstrous pile of dishes all at once. 

Don’t Stray From the Recipe….. Yet 

Even though you might see your favorite chef on TV straying from a recipe, you probably shouldn’t do it until you have more experience. Stick to the rules until you understand them thoroughly. You’ll have more wiggle room to work with once you start understanding cooking methods on a deeper level. For now, stick to the book, and don’t get too crazy. 

Get at Least One Good Knife 

Just like an artist can’t paint a masterpiece with a Crayola plastic paintbrush, neither can you create a wonderful dish with a blunt poor quality knife. Do yourself a favor and get at least one high-quality chef’s knife so you know that you can cut properly. 

Trying to cut with a poor-quality knife can result in injuries, and can affect how well you prep your food. You’re better off investing in a nice knife that you know won’t hinder your progress in your cutting technique. 

Go For Quality Not Quantity 

Last but not least, when it comes to your ingredients, you should always go for quality over quantity.  Spending a little extra on high-quality products rather than cheap ones will make a world of difference in the food that you create.  Happy cooking!

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