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4 Tips For Cooking Low Calorie Meals

If you find yourself with a few extra pounds, you’re not alone.  Many people find themselves after the holidays wanting to lose extra weight and in many cases they didn’t even see it coming. One day they get in the bath and notice their bathtub overflow plate is doing extra work as all of the water in the bath spills to the sides from the extra weight!  Don’t panic.  

It’s possible to reverse your holiday weight gain by creating new healthy habits.  It’s time to start cooking more low calorie meals instead of loading up on fast food and other junk. 

Most people believe that low calorie meals automatically equate to less flavor. However, the truth is that there are plenty of ways to make food taste delicious even with fewer calories. It’s all about knowing the right tips and tricks to preserve flavor without affecting your waistline.  To help you get kick started cooking healthier meals, here are some of the best tips.  

Switch to Olive Oil

If you’re used to cooking with heavy oils and butter, it’s time to say goodbye.  Making the switch to olive oil can make a significant difference in your waistline, and your heart will thank you for it too! Not only is olive oil much healthier for you overall, but it adds a significant amount of flavor to your dishes. All you need is a little to add wonderful taste to your meal.

Go for Natural Sources 

Perhaps you’ve heard of the term “eating clean.” If you can add ingredients to your meals which are derived from natural sources, you’ll find that they’re much less calorically dense. The truth is that foods which are processed and created by man are full of all sorts of chemicals, sugars, and other additives that, let’s face it, we can’t even pronounce. 

Do yourself a favor and if you can choose between something that comes in a box or something that comes from the earth, always opt for the latter.

Eat More Fish

Fish is one of the most underrated foods when it comes to a healthy diet. Eating more fish isn’t just going to cut back significantly on your overall calorie consumption, it’s also going to give you benefits like additional omega-3. From salmon, to tuna, to yellowtail, add a little more fish to your diet as a lean protein source that packs plenty of flavor without the extra calories.

Plan Ahead

One of the biggest causes for people making unhealthy choices is not having healthy foods on hand. In a rush, they often reach for the easiest and simplest nutrition options which are often the least healthy. Batch cooking makes it possible to have plenty of healthy meals on hand instantly.  Choose one day a week when you batch cook, and keep a few different options in your fridge and even your freezer!

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